Sunday, January 22, 2012

Living Life

Sometimes people die when you least expect it. That's what happened to me! Coping is the hardest part I believe. I miss my friend very much and I am usually thinking about him. I know the hardest part is over but I am still struggling to live life normal. I do not think I will ever be able to live life normal but I sure can hope. This is not my first death and certainly is not my last. I know to surround myself with strong people who can show me love and support me but this death has hit me the hardest. My heart is broken because he was only 18 but he was so freaking amazing. I look back and wish I could have told him that more often. But I think he has taught me a lesson through his death. Life really is short and we need to make the best of it. It seems so cliche but it is the honest to goodness truth. People need to stop taking things for granted and start living life in the way that really is important! I am going to go love on my son a little harder and tell him how much I love him way more often.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

~Coming out~

Hi all. My name is Margo but y'all can call me PearlyMama :) I am so excited to start blogging about life as a mom and a single woman!! There are trials and tribulations that come along with both of those titles but I want to share mine so everyone can learn including me. The last couple of weeks have been rough but I am trying to end this week on a good note with Zumba (AMAZING), taking a hiatus from alcohol (not saying its bad or that I was an alcoholic), and starting a new job on Monday! YAY. So here starts the ins and outs of single mommyhood at its finest!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mama Sunshine slides over!

Hi there!!

First of all, sorry times a million for disappearing for so long.
I am coming back in full force this autumn.

I am recently single, some because of various things mentioned previously, but mostly because my daughter doesn't need to understand what fighting is at this age. So we parted ways, and it was a tough choice, but as a mother, I had to do what's best for my child.. Currently livingback at home and catching up on some bills and whatnot. Looking forward to being on our own again soon though!

I am working 2 jobs now. One is as a paraprofessional in the same school system that I was in last year. The 2nd is as a cooking instructor with Demarle at Home cookware. Between those and being a mother of a 2 year old (yes, she turned 2!!) I have little time to write, but have no fear, Sunshine to Starshine is not dead :)

We have a new author joining us from here on forward. Her name is Margo. She is a single mommy too, and she will hopefully get a chance to introduce herself soon.

Hope all is well, we love hearing from you guys!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jamming out with Skillet Bacon Jam

What is Bacon Jam? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like.
Jam is something that typically contains both fruit juice and pieces of the fruit or vegetable's flesh. In this case, the jam is created from acon. The bacon used in this fabulous creation is from Niman Ranch. I personally had no idea what that meant, but when I went to the website, and I found out that this ranch is all about the humane treatment of animals and raising them all naturally. Typically, people think of bacon as strips, and jam as in fruity stuff to spread on toast. Bacon jam defies all the odds. What else does it have in it? Onions, Spices, Balsamic Vinegar, and I am sure a lot of love. It takes hours to render down, and then you have spreadable bacon with small chunks of the real thing, to put on anything you like.
I loved Bacon Jam and I tried it on baked potato, on a turkey sandwich with pumpernickel bread, and on some grilled tomato and cheese sandwiches.
I am hooked on this delicious spreadable treat, and I keep it in my lunch bag so that whenever I want a little something different, I can use it to vary whatever I have packed with scrumptious bacon-ness!

Unfortunately I was unable to take a photo of my own Bacon Jam, so I grabbed one off of the website.

You can buy Skillet Bacon Jam from various websites, like or directly from

More information is available at
and I also fell upon a cool site with another Food Blog's opinion and loved their presentation about Bacon Jam and just had to share the link :)

Skillet Bacon Jam was sent to me, free of charge for a review opportunity that was found on  Thank you Skillet Street Food for the awesome trial!!.. Mama Sunshine

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

So busy these days ..

Working full time, attending college full time, being a mom, being a wife, and being the only person in the household with a car... these things keeps me very busy.
I am doing some more reviews this month which should be up soon but with all of my new activities that go along with work, it will take me a bit longer to get my reviews done. One that is coming up is for a product called Artic Ease. Who knows what else..

The photogropher giveaway round 2 will be opening before the end of the month as well. We have to do some again because they had ZERO entries, bummer, right?

Talk to you all soon, and for more frequent updates Come visit me on facebook

Friday, January 07, 2011

I am not usually one to write about my religious views on this blog, because as much as I am open about my beliefs, I am not one to shout from the rooftops about how I feel.

This post is going to be an exception because something very good happened to me this week, and I just have to say, the Lord is Good.

I will begin by letting you know that we ave been financially tight ever since we got married. I have not had a full time job since June of 2009. I have been a stay at home mom, with only 2 very small jobs since- a few hours a weekend at a small bistro- which only lasted a few months, and a day or two now and again as a substitute paraprofessional.

My husband has been primary breadwinner for myself, our daughter, and my in laws since January 2009.. he was steady at one job for a year and a half, which was his longest position ever, but decided to take a risk and leave to go back into the hotel management field. This disasterous choice cost us a lot, and he ended up job hopping for the past 6 months, where he would realize he was not happy, find another job, and switch with due notice. He was laid off this week and we were devastated. We had very little income coming in from his mom, and could not support this family without one or both of us working. Back in December he began getting cues that he would no longer be employed, so he began applying like crazy, with lots of out of town interest, but not much around here.

This morning we got a miracle. Less than 2 days after he was officially let go, he called a potential employer who had given him an informal interview Wednesday, and he was offered a full time position. This job has slightly less pay, but offers commision, unlike the hotel business. It also is about 30 seconds from our home! I too received a call from an employer and was hired full time in a school system just 10 minutes away.

I feel like shouting from rooftops! God is Good and took a rough time for us, and gave us better opportunities!