Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello, My name is Mama Sunshine..

Today is day one of my venture into blogging.

I want to start off by thanking you for stopping by. I appreciate every follower on my blog, and each comment will be answered. I am an online college student, stay at home, part time working mom to a beautiful little girl named Ariana. I live with my husband in a beautiful apartment overlooking a river in Connecticut. In addition to living with my husband and daughter, we financially uphold his entire family right now and allow them to live in our home for little or no rent. (It will be apparent later that this was not my idea).

I make crafty creations in my spare time- this includes paintings, hair bows, cards, and a little bit of everything under the sun. I run Kanga & Roo Krafty Kreations- this is not a very successful business, but I don't mind, it's more like a hobby. I will do my best not to spam about that stuff unless I am running a giveaway!

I am hoping to host reviews of Work At Home Mama's products, and giveaways to promote their items as well. In addition, I will blog about some of our day to day ventures, our favorite recipes, and make tutorials (or how not to do's when I mess up!) and share tips about great deals.

I have a little sass, a lot of love, and I am learning as I go in this crazy universe called mommyhood.

Mama Sunshine

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