Sunday, November 07, 2010

Spicing things up..

Mama Sunshine is going to get a job this week.
I am a certified paraprofessional. I have always wanted to teach elementary school, however, previous jobs have opened my eyes up to kids of all ages and made me much more open to working with some of the older kids.
I am not only a wife, mom, blogger, babysitter, artist and friend to many, I am also a college student with a dual major in Elementary Education and Special Education. This means that I could work with any level special needs, or in elementary school for regular ed.
A friend of mine told me that her boss loved me at my interview last week, and I also have an interview at another place tomorrow. Now the question is, do I go to a daycare where I can be with my daughter but is not with the age range that I want to be with, or go to a public school where I will get paid more and have to put my daughter into some sort of childcare.. It will be a tough choice.
Either way, this blog will be seasoned with a little more life no matter which job I take. I will be busier, and so much better off getting out of the house. I was not meant to be a stay at home parent, and 14 months later, I am glad to have a chance to get back.


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  2. Good luck with your decision. I have a friend who worked at a daycare where her son was in another room. Make that sons. She did this for many years and it worked out very well. It's much easier getting everyone to one location each day.