Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yesterday I posted the following:

In less than one week I have tons to do.
I have 2 papers and quizzes due by tomorrow for my psychology class (Today I finished one of each so far and have plans to do the remaining after supper)
I have a whole house to clean so that we can entertain this
week (finished with help of my MIL)

I have a whole house to baby-proof because my daughter can now reach the tops of counters, the stove and some of our lower dressers. 
I have a big dinner to make tonight so that my husband will feel loved (yay for a big and delicious meal)
I have a huge 12 day giveaway event and 2 nights of flash giveaways to plan and they all start next Friday.

I am going to be a very busy bee this week

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