Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy week so far

Hi everyone, I have been a little absent minded about the blog this week. I have been very busy with getting some more photographers for the 600 follower photo extravaganza, and trying to create a contact list for companies to contact about the Christmas event.In addition to this stuff I have been between filling out job applications, because I really feel like i need to have a part time gig in order to give my family the best Christmas I can. Not to mention my 13 month old is teething and hsa had high fever for a few days, plus yesterday I gave her a saute with dinner that I thought she had eaten everything in, but she got hives and we still don't know what caused it. It's been a bit hectic!

I missed Talk to Me Tuesday, so I am going to backtrack by doing my questions now, I also didn't get to do my Monday blog hop, so I am going to link up one today.

1. Have you ever had any silly nicknames that people (besides family) used for you?
2. Do you have any tattoos?
3. Do you like the idea of a free photo shoot?
4. What type of things would you like to see featured on this blog?

  • I have been called so many names its hard to keep track, I have got through various nicknames stemming from Caitlin (CaityLynn, Caity, Kat, etc) and from my middle name Alexandra (Ally, Alyx, Alicat) and from combinations of the two names (Calyx), but I think the silliest that I have been called would be "Avacado Aviator" by some of the kids I went to school with.. it came to be in early high school.
  • I do not have any tattoos, yet, but I really want one for my daughter, a rose (her middle name is Rose) with her name Ariana.
  • I love the idea of a free photo shoot, too bad I can't win one of the ones nearby, cause there are a lot of awesome photographers in the big city areas that have decided to be included!
  • I would love to begin featuring one executive at a family friendly company, one blog/blogger, one reader and one local business per month.

Obviously MARvelous


  1. Hooray it's Friday!... Though I have a busy weekend ahead of me! :)

    1. YES! I have a ridiculous amount of nicknames... The range from Kay, KSwiss (hehe!), K$wizzle, Scooter, Slinky... A ridiculous amount!

    2. Oh yes, I am a huge fan of tattoo's. I have three; the infinity symbol on my foot, Isaiah 40: 28-31 on my ankle, and the earth in the shape of a heart with HOPE written along the side of it. And trust me, there will be more to come... :)

    3. I absolutely love the idea of a free photoshoot! In fact, you happen to win the free photoshoot in Connectict... I am the photographer you'll get to work with! You be sure to enter, you don't want to miss you!

    4. I would like to see local businesses featured on this blog, maybe interviews with the owners and great holiday gift ideas! Or fun crafty ideas for the holidays! DIY is the best!

  2. Karen, I would have thought you would have a Disney tattoo by now, you fanatic! I love the idea of gift ideas and DIY's! Thanks!