Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tommee Tippee Review and giveaway! CLOSED!

Day one Tuesday: 
 I received my Tommee Tippee Explora® Sippy Cup today in the mail. I was so excited because just yesterday I was in touch with the representative in the PR department over there. I opened up the package from UPS and there was my beautiful 2 pack of supposed "truly spill-proof" sippy cups. My first thoughts were that the cups themselves were much cuter than I remembered when I looked at the photos online. I like that the packaging had pink in it when I chose the pink/purple cups.. I am not entirely sure if that is because I picked girly cups or if that is the typical coloring. As I look at the packaging I am noticing a few things: There are small logos that say Leak Proof, 50 years experience, BPA free, and Awarded UK Superbrands 2009-2010. On the back it shows 5 stages of the Explora Truly Spill-proof cups: a trainer cup 6m+, a sippy cup 9m+, a straw cup 12m+, a water bottle 18m+, a drinking cup 24m+. At this point I determined that I wasn't going to be able to try them out today because I had errands and I wanted to truly supervise my daughter's first experience with them, so they went on the counter until tomorrow. My camera charger is lost so hopefully this week I can take the baby over to my mom's house and get a photo or two of her with her beloved sippy cup.

Day two Wednesday: 
I opened the package for the first time around noon, just before lunch. It was time for juice to go with our sandwich, so I went to the sink and rinsed out the new sippy cup. I first filled it as full as I could with water and put on the top. I turned it every direction I could think of, shaking it around like crazy. I was determined to make the "truly spill proof" label be a fail. I was unsuccessful. Not a single drop fell. I emptied the water and filled it with juice and handed it to my 12 month old daughter in her high chair. During lunch baby Ariana typically gets frustrated with her sippy cups, either they pour too freely or not enough, but today she did not throw it at all until all her food was gone and she was bored of her high chair. When she threw a bottle last week on our hard floors, the top cracked and dumped milk all over the place. There was not even the slightest bit of wear when she tossed this Tommee Tippee Explora® Truly Spill-Proof Sippy Cup. Ariana has been dragging the pink cup all over the house today. Tomorrow her cousin, baby M, almost 13 months, will be over and we are going to let her test out the purple one.

Day three Thursday:
I opened up the package and took out the unused cup this morning, washed it and let it dry in anticipation of my niece's visit. The 2 cousins are rough and tough for little girls, tossing things all over the place, stealing one another's toys and food, hair pulling, binky snatching and basically being "mean" to everything they own and to each other. When baby M arrived I was ready to be the babysitter, but instead her parents stuck around for a lot of the day. At lunch time she seemed very interested in Ariana's cup, stole it and started drinking from it a number of times. Each time she was caught she would toss it on the floor and run as fast as she could. I asked her dad if I could give her one of the Explora sippy cups I was doing a review about, and his response was sort of like "whatever but I am not cleaning up after the mess she makes". I filled the purple sippy cup with water and handed it to her. I gave Ariana back the pink one and sat them down in our living room. Despite the play time nature of the visit, there was NOT A SINGLE DROP of juice or water on the floor in there after hours! The first few days, the "truly spill-proof" is definitely exceeding my expectations.
Day four Friday:
Ariana still will not let this sippy cup out of her sight. She takes off running if you try to refill it or wash it. I was so excited when there was cleaning instructions in the package, but there is a how-to video on the website as well! She takes it empty to bed with her. We both love this sippy cup. I am happy to have found one that does not spill all over her or frustrate her. Baby M's mommy was impressed with the spill proof nature of the cups too and has already asked me the cost and where to get them from. Great job Tommee Tippee! She was so anxious to go get them that she didn't want to wait to see if she could win them in the giveaway I am hosting. Loving the flip closed lid, just in case it were to spill a bit in my diaper bag or something, but I have faith that it wouldn't! Going to get a photo or two tomorrow, YAY!
Day five Saturday: 
Anticipating my 2 major papers due on Sunday I am opening this giveaway Friday night at 10:00 pm EST. I will update with my further observances Saturday however they may be a bit late and I don't want you to miss out on valuable entry time.

Day five Saturday: 
We took our sippy cup in the car today, and all over the place! It came to my mom's house to get these lovely pictures (as I mentioned earlier, my camera is out of commision). Then we went apple picking with my two sisters, the sippy cup came there too. Then we went to my sister's to make dinner together and spend some girl time together! At first Ariana seemed sick of the sippy cup, she didn't want her juice and kept tossing it at me. I was discouraged,no 5th day to my review... As soon as I dumped the juice and replaced it with milk, my daughter loved her sippy again. (She must not be a fan of white grape peach).

 Thank you all for reading my review of the Tommee Tippee Explora® Truly Spill-Proof Sippy Cup!

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