Monday, October 25, 2010

Peter Rabbit Organics Squeezable Fruit Pouch Review and Giveaway!

I went absolutely bonkers when my package from Peter Rabbit Organics was delivered. I had been eager to receive it since I last spoke with their PR department. Within a very short time, a small box arrived with 3 fruit pouches nestled among shaved paper (much like the picture below, but I didn't get a photo of my own).
Peter Rabbit Organics 100% Pure Fruit Snacks contain a full serving of organic fruit with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. "Fruit Snacks" makes it seem to me that these will be some sort of healthy gummy bears or fruit roll ups. Instead, what is inside these pouches are pureed fruit (and that is it!). They are tremendously convenient, no spoon required and they have an easy twist off resealable cap. There are three different flavors:  Mango, Banana & Orange, Apple & Grape, and lastly Strawberry & Banana
These are not intended only for kids or babies, but for anyone! I opened one for my daughter and I to try, deciding that apple & grape would be most similar to applesauce, a taste she and I love, we opened that first. I took the pouch out of the box and opened it, tasted it, and wanted the rest for myself. But as many parents realize,  with a precious 13 month old staring you down, you never keep anything for yourself.
 I decided that it would taste FABULOUS on my pork chops and gave myself a tiny bit on my plate, then stripped the baby to just her diaper, put her in her pack and play and let her go at it. I was expecting a huge mess (as you can probably tell). When I was eating across the room, she got to explore the pouch on her own. She spilled a little bit at first, because she didn't realize there was food inside. Once she tasted it, she didn't want to stop! She held it right up to her mouth and sucked all of the yummy pureed goodness right out of that pouch. She flattened it out by sucking so hard, and then threw it on the floor and said "Mowuh" (more). Then she began to chew on the hunky no choke style cap, and it helped with her incoming teeth!
We waited a few days to try the next flavor, I had thrown the remaining two pouches in my diaper bag, anticipating a busy bustling week and little time to put the brakes on and take a snack break. This certainly was a wise choice. We got stuck where my husband works late one evening, we drive him to and from, and his relief didn't show up until an hour after my husband was supposed to leave. It was getting to be past dinner time and I didn't grab a bottle because I assumed he would be on time like usual. I was digging in my bag hoping to find a teething biscuit and remembered the pouch, I could test the convenience and ease of use in her car seat! I grabbed the Mango, Banana & Orange one for her to try. I tasted a little bit and it was good too, I imagined that if mixed in with ice and a bit of juice it would make a great smoothie. I handed it to my daughter, again expecting a mess, but she remembered the treat from a few days before and knew exactly what to do. She tasted eagerly but then hesitated before her second bite. She can't speak well yet but I could tell she preferred the previous Apple &Grape pouch to this one. She did however eat more than half of it, and it held her over until daddy came out of work. We replaced the top and stuck it in the fridge, I emptied the rest over cottage cheese the following morning for breakfast and she seemed to enjoy the flavor more that way, I am not sure if it is the other flavor or the temperature that made the difference. 
Wednesday, grocery shopping day, no food in the house day was the day we got an opportunity to try the Strawberry & Banana flavor. We plan our week necessities precisely and there is usually very little "munching" food by the end of the week, which makes sense with the 5 adults that live here full time! I was at a loss for breakfast this morning, and I needed to hand the baby something that was safe for her to eat while her uncle was supervising. He is a great uncle, and loves to play with her, but sometimes she gets into stuff she isn't supposed to (it happens when I am here too, he just doesn't clean up after her or give her baths). I figured a fool proof, no mess snack would be great to leave them with while I ran some errands. I also asked him to time her. I opened the pouch and handed it to her, allowing her to sit on the floor in the living room as I left. I went down to the car, and realized I forgot my list, so I came right back upstairs and inside, and the pouch was half gone already! He continued to time her and I got distracted and began to check my email, then was getting ready to walk out the door, list in hand, and he yells "a little over 3 and a half minutes!" WOW! She liked this one best. And by the third pouch there was hardly any around her mouth and None on her clothes, she was an old pro!
 I will definitely be buying more of these, they are a quick snack that is easy and convenient, great for me or her. I would gladly suck one of these down instead of stopping for a burger and fries, it is much healthier, and very tasty as well! And I would rather give this to my daughter than almost any other snack, it is easy to reseal, there are no crumbs, and she loves it.

LEARN MORE ABOUT IT: Peter Rabbit Organics has a website that is full of great information about its products, the people that run it, and more
BUY IT: Peter Rabbit Organics can be purchased at in person at Whole Foods, Starbucks, various natural or health food stores (there is a store locator on their site!) and online at Amazon,, or
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