Thursday, October 07, 2010

Kathi Lipp's "The Husband Project" Book Giveaway! CLOSED

Kathi Lipp
The Husband Project: 21 Days to Loving Your Husband on Purpose and with a Plan

This giveaway is going to be different than ANY other giveaway I host, because your answers matter in this one. There is only 1 way to enter, and getting through all the questions is your 1 entry. There are no additional entries. This form is like an interview questionnaire, and I will choose the top 4 choices, and then will choose which one gets the free book and a person to go through it with.

You ask, what are you interviewing for? I am interviewing for an accountability partner in this project. As I read the book, there is a requirement of having someone read the book and do the activities with you, someone you can help along the way, and someone to help you. A person who will send reminder emails a couple times a week, and encourage bonus projects.  I am looking for someone who wants to read this book and start on it right away! Someone who needs something new in their marriage!

So far, I do recommend that you buy this for yourself and do it anyways! Heck, I will be your accountability partner if you need one! This book (even just reading it, before I have started doing any actual projects) has opened my eyes to some things and is just making it easier for me to make my behaviors better for my husband.

The book is a set of guidelines to help you make the marriage better on your end, you can't change your husband, but you can change your actions to be deliberately for him . It may take a little extra work if you are having a rough time in your marriage, because this assignment does require you to make a vow to be nice to him, and to do each task for 21 days. I encourage it especially for those who are finding it difficult to balance work, kids, and hubby time! After reading through all the tasks I am excited to get going and I considered starting without an accountability partner, but decided that i could make this a Fun Giveaway, to earn my companionship for approximately 3 weeks, but more like a lifetime, because as this activity progresses, and we have to know details of our plans for each other's husbands, we will become more than accountability partners, we will become friends.

I am not being compensated for writing this review. Kathi Lipp shared the opportunity to do this with my followers out of the kindness of her heart by providing me two books. This is all personal opinion and your experience with the book will be only yours. 
I hope to get to know all of you a little bit, and I will be making my decision about who will be given the book on Monday October 18th. Entries will end at 11:59pm EST on Sunday Oct 17th. 

(A form has been removed because this contest is closed. Winner is Jennifer D. She will receive an email. However, I am going to be contacting Kathi Lipp's PR dept to see if the others that entered can receive one as well. I would love to work on this as a group project since there were so few entries*4* to be exact.)

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